Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program

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Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program

Learn the risk factors for kidney stones.

Dr. Fabozzi with LithotripterIf you live with kidney or ureteral stones, board-certified specialists in kidney stone diagnosis and treatment board-certified specialists in kidney stone diagnosis and treatment at Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care can help.

They provide a comprehensive approach to preventing, diagnosing and treating kidney and ureteral stones through the Center for Urologic Care's Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program.

When you become a patient, your risk factors for developing kidney stones are identified. With this information, the multidisciplinary team outlines a comprehensive program of dietary consultation, lifestyle changes and appropriate medical therapy to develop a course of treatment to prevent stones from recurring. A hallmark of our Program is the comprehensive approach in which our providers work with you to design a plan to help prevent kidney stones from recurring.

Kidney and Ureteral Stone Treatments

*Lithotripsy is performed with the Storz SLX-F2 Lithotripter, a device used to precisely fragment kidney and ureteral stones. Our Hospital is the only in New Hampshire to have an on-site fixed lithotriptor.


Stephen Wheeler of Concord had surgery in 2015 at Concord Hospital to remove multiple kidney stones, but his care didn’t end there.

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