Therapeutic Arts and Activity Services

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Therapeutic Arts and Activity Services

Article: Therapeutic dog visits help patients.

Certified therapy dog and patientDuring your stay Therapeutic Arts and Activity Services provides a range of personalized diversionary activities to help you relax, feel creative and find delight in unexpected places while hospitalized.

By giving you opportunities to engage in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable, Therapeutic Arts and Activity Services can help you feel calm, connected, hopeful, and at ease.

Offerings include:

  • Opportunities for creative self-expression, crafts, reading, games, horticulture, reminiscence;
  • Reiki, the gentle Japanese energy therapy, for relief of pain or anxiety;
  • “Pets Uplift People”, therapeutic dog visits on selected patient care units;
  • Live TV BINGO that you can play in your hospital room;
  • Live music at the bedside by therapeutic musicians and volunteers;
  • Art a la Cart, a selection of beautiful framed art prints to display in your room;
  • Aromatherapy, essential oils of peppermint, lavender and lemon in symptom relief to enhance wellness and comfort.

Our healing environment brings hope, pleasure, and positive focus to the healing process. Therapeutic Arts and Activities are offered at no charge as a patient benefit. Patients or family members may request Therapeutic Arts and Activity Services.

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