Child Life Services Program

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Child Life Services Program

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Child Life Specialist sitting with pediatric patientWhen your child is in the Hospital, you can turn to our Child Life Services Program for critical psychosocial support. The program offers play, coping and family support to ease your child's anxieties and your concerns. Our child life specialist is trained and skilled in providing developmental, educational, and therapeutic interventions for children and their families.

Services provided by child life specialists include:

  • Answers to your child life specific questions via telephone (603) 227-7000, ext. 3326.
  • Oversees the pediatric playroom and offers developmentally appropriate toys and games, as well as creative and expressive art projects for children;
  • Prepares children for procedures by using gentle language, play, and education;
  • Uses therapeutic medical play to increase a child’s understanding and comfort during hospitalization;
  • Helps children and families cope during procedures by using techniques such as deep breathing, guided imagery, and distraction;
  • Helps explain a child’s hospitalization in a way that siblings, classmates, and other children will understand;
  • Serves as a resource for information on child development, parenting, and car seat safety;
  • Helps connect families with other resources in the community;
  • Assists patients and parents in preparations for the transition home.