Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial: Judith

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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

Judith on the MoveJudith on the Move

As an antiques dealer, Judith Demers needs to walk a lot to buy and sell old things. But to continue her passion, she needed some new things: two knees.

Judy was hobbled by arthritis in both knees. She could barely walk, couldn't work in her garden and couldn't do stairs. She even missed several grandchildren’s college graduations because she couldn't tolerate long car rides.

“They hurt most of the time,” she said. “We even had to move our bedroom down to the first floor because it was too painful to walk up and down stairs.”

Judy turned to Dr. Stephen Fox at Concord Orthopaedics. Dr. Fox replaced one knee in January of 2014, the other a month later.

Dr. Fox didn't just give Judy new knees. He restored her quality of life.

“I can walk,” she said about three months after the second knee replacement. “I went to a flea market the other day to look for antiques and we must have walked for two hours straight. I couldn't do that before.”  On her painful knees, she was always on the lookout for people selling chairs - so she could take a break.  “I had to try them out.”

As she rebuilds her endurance, Judy also has returned to exhibiting items at antique shows.

At Concord Orthopaedics and The Orthopaedic Institute at Concord Hospital, Judy and her husband, Dave, were impressed that Dr. Fox and everyone they had contact with were  attentive, kind and caring.

“They are happy to take care of you,” she said. “I was a person to them,” not a number or a bad knee.

Judy was especially grateful that her medical team paid close attention to her concerns. In past surgeries at other hospitals, she said she was ignored when she explained that because of allergies, certain anesthetics made her ill.

“At Concord Hospital, they asked a lot of questions about my medical history and previous health concerns?,” she said. “They were really listening. And as a result, I didn't get sick.” 

They also asked what Judy wanted to be able to do after she had new knees.

She said she wanted to be able to walk and garden and “unfortunately, that I wanted to be able to vacuum.

“I still can’t do that,” she joked, as her husband, the substitute vacuumer, nodded.