Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial: Christopher

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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

Christopher on the MoveChristopher on The Move

Most people approach surgery hoping they will emerge no worse than they were before their injury or ailment and Christopher got that — and then some.

He had surgery at Concord Hospital to repair a rotator cuff he had injured when a big ocean wave hit him while on vacation. In the recovery room, Dr. Karen Boselli from Concord Orthopaedics told him that in addition to the rotator cuff tear, she had found a bone spur that probably had been responsible for nagging pain he had felt for years. She took care of that and fixed his rotator cuff at the same time.

“I actually feel better than I felt before I had the injury,” Christopher said.

And that means a lot to an active guy like Christopher, who lifts weights and does push-ups to stay in shape, plays ball with his son and wants to be able to handle home repairs on his own, like fixing his deck.

In the weeks after his run-in with the wave, Christopher couldn’t move his right shoulder and couldn’t sleep. Now? The pile of lumber and tools on his damaged deck and the bar bells on the living room floor show that the surgery worked well.

“Repairing my deck would have been difficult at best even before the injury and impossible after I hurt myself. I just could not have done it without the surgery,” he said.

When he went to Concord Orthopaedics he gained confidence in way Dr. Boselli, Dr. Anne Boyd and other caregivers approached him and his injury.

“All of our discussions were based on what could be done and not what couldn’t be done,” he said.

One element of his treatment stands out. Christopher discovered he is claustrophobic when it was time for an MRI on his shoulder. The standard MRI units can be a tight fit, so he was relieved to learn an open MRI machine was available.

“They were kind and professional and we all laughed a bit,” he said. “The direct, sincere professional approach of Drs. Boyd and Boselli gave me confidence.”

Christopher said he would recommend Concord Orthopaedics and Concord Hospital to friends or relatives and share his positive experience, noting that the Hospital has always given him the impression that it maintains a high level of expertise and seeks to attract quality specialists and medical professionals.

And Christopher is very grateful Dr. Boselli’s knowledge of shoulder injuries allowed her to go the extra mile to fix all of his shoulder problems at the same time.