Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial: Nouna

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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

Nouna on the MoveNouna on the Move

Nouna Kettaneh is very happy with her replacement knee and the care she received at Concord Orthopaedics and The Orthopaedic Institute at Concord Hospital, but nine months after her procedure, she was eager to tell her surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Wiley, that he was wrong about her prognosis. 

““He said ‘We will take good care of you, you will get better, but I don’t promise you will have a 30-year-old’s knee,’ ” said Nouna, who was 74 when Dr. Wiley replaced her left knee in July 2013.

“Well, now I almost have my 30-year-old knee,” she said. And, she has her lifestyle back. 

Nouna, of Hollis, has played tennis off and on through her life, even playing competitively into her 70s. But, her seriously arthritic knee kept her off the court in 2013, and often off her feet. That was intolerable for such an active person.

Nouna’s knee problems began in late 2007, with arthritis and a torn meniscus, the cartilage that helps cushion the knee. Even with physical therapy after surgery at another facility, she had limited mobility. She was not happy with the results and felt her surgeon dismissed her concerns.

Her life changed when her physical therapist recommended she see Dr. John O’Connor at Concord Orthopaedics. Nouna was impressed that Dr. O’Connor did not immediately recommend surgery. Instead, he treated the knee with medication and recommended a brace that kept Nouna active, and on the tennis court, for about five years.

As expected, the arthritis progressed, and by 2013, when other treatments no longer were effective, Dr. O’Connor recommended surgery with his Concord Orthopaedics colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Wiley.

Nouna was confident in her Concord Orthopaedic doctors, having built trust over years of treatment. Receiving a reassuring phone call from Dr. Wiley the night before surgery and being greeted by caring staff at Concord Hospital further eased her anxiety.

A Hospital staffer also attended to Nouna’s husband, Svante Wold, reassuring him that his wife was in good hands and providing updates every half hour during her surgery. Arrangements were also made for him to sleep over in Nouna’s hospital room.

The special attention continued even after Nouna went home. A greeting card arrived several days later from The Orthopaedic Institute, filled with personal messages from her nurses and doctors.  “I would like people to realize, at Concord Hospital they meet not only very competent professional people, but also wonderful human beings,” Nouna said. “These people really care.” 

Recovering from major surgery took time and effort. Still, Nouna was committed to working hard in physical therapy every day to rebuild muscles and endurance, at home and with personal trainers. Nine months after the replacement, she was playing tennis three or four times a week, with people 30 years her junior.

“At Concord Orthopaedics, I was not treated as a bad knee,” Nouna said. “They understood me and my lifestyle,” noting in her patient profile that she was “unusually active.”

“They wanted to help me keep that lifestyle as much as possible. They never said ‘No, you should slow down.’ They encouraged me, within reason. Of course, I am not going to play tennis six hours a day, but after an hour and a half, I’m not tired.”