Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial: Patrick

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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

Patrick's StoryPatrick on The Move

He doesn't have to throw the dough above his head, but Patrick uses his shoulders a lot making pizzas and staying on the move while running four pizza restaurants in New Hampshire.

So, when he slipped on a ladder, causing a major injury to his right shoulder, he was worried about slowing down at work, and in the physical workouts he needed to keep himself in shape for workweeks that typically run 70 hours or more.

“What I do every day really isn’t hard work, but you need your shoulder, that’s for sure,” Patrick said. “It’s movement. It’s hustle. It’s keeping things going.”

Keeping things going includes reaching high to slide pizzas in and out of the oven or stretching over his head for boxes to put them in at one of his pizza restaurants.

When he slipped, Patrick grabbed a ladder rung with one hand, saving himself from a fall, but severely twisting his arm and shoulder as he dangled above the floor. The shoulder began to hurt, and within a day or two, he couldn’t move it.

“I lost all strength,” he said. “It definitely was a lifestyle changer. I was standing crooked, favoring my right side and at night it was brutal. I could not sleep.”

He saw Dr. Karen Boselli at Concord Orthopaedics and within a week, an MRI confirmed Patrick had severely torn the supraspinatus tendon in his shoulder.

Although worried about the injury he quickly gained confidence in Dr. Boselli because she explained his options and made treatment recommendations.

At Concord Hospital’s Day Surgery Center, Dr. Boselli repaired the tear, removed a bone spur and debrided a small tear of the labrum, the deep cartilage of the shoulder.

And she stayed involved afterward, prescribing a specific physical therapy program with clear directive for his recovery.

He couldn't immediately resume the workout he had done before the injury but began swimming as part of his physical therapy. Soon, he was taking swimming lessons and training with a coach to compete.

“The competition gives me a goal, gives me something to work toward,” he said.

As if running a bustling business and making pizzas aren't enough.

UPDATE: In the spring of 2013, Patrick had total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Wiley of Concord Orthopaedics. Patrick says, "After the overwhelming success of my shoulder surgery, I felt completely comfortable putting myself back in the hands of Concord Orthopedics — when I needed a total hip replacement. Now my hip feels as comfortable as it did when I was 20-years-old. Thank you Dr. Wiley.”