Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial: Heather

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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

Orthopaedic Insititute Patient HeatherHeather on The Move

Heather has mountains to climb, 48 to be exact. And while climbing with her son, she didn’t want to worry that her knee would give out. 

Heather tore the ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament, in her knee while playing softball.

She could walk around fine, which is common with ACL tears, but the injury meant she couldn't move side-to-side or hike mountains. This was a concern and disappointment because she and her teenage son, Aaron, planned to hike all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks by the time Aaron graduates high school.

Dr. Patrick Casey at Concord Orthopaedics helped ease those concerns by performing Heather’s reconstructive surgery at Capital Orthopaedic Surgery Center (OSC). OSC is a joint venture of Concord Hospital and Concord Orthopaedics. Heather had met with Dr. Casey a couple of times to talk about her knee. She wondered if it was worth operating on because she was not in pain and felt as though she might be able to live with the injury.

“I wasn’t that anxious about the surgery itself, my anxiety stemmed from the thought that I didn’t really feel that injured,” Heather said. “I was not somebody who was completely down and out and I wondered if the surgery was a good idea?” Especially when realizing she would be virtually immobile for three to four weeks.

Heather said Dr. Casey did a great job helping her realize she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the activities she enjoys without causing more injury to her knee.

“Dr. Casey was really good at talking that through with me. He said ‘I’m not trying to talk you into surgery, but knowing your personality and how active and raring to go you are, I think you will be happier. If I were in your shoes, I would do this surgery.’”

Heather knew The Orthopaedic Institute at Concord Hospital and Concord Orthopaedics had a top notch reputation, so it was an easy choice for her to turn there for her treatment. That reputation was reinforced by the individual care she received.

“Dr. Casey is a wonderful surgeon,” Heather said. “He provides great care, shows personal interest in his patients and is a perfectionist when it comes to his technique and skill – exactly what you want in a surgeon,” she said.

Heather was on crutches for four and a half weeks after the surgery. Less than 10 weeks after the procedure, she was well into biking, swimming, rebuilding her strength with physical therapy. Her hard work and determination has since paid off.

Now, instead of contemplating things she might not be able to do, Heather and her son are setting their sights on 48 mountain peaks.