Orthopaedic Injury and Prevention at The Orthopaedic Institute at Concord Hospital

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Orthopaedic Injury & Prevention

Register for a falls risk screening.

Hand of an elder person holding a railingWe are committed to preventing orthopaedic injuries and providing education to minimize risk factors and improve bone health.

We offer services to promote wellness and preventive orthopaedic care including:

  • Injury prevention education to avoid back and repetitive motion injuries;
  • Work station evaluations to reduce occupational orthopaedic injuries;
  • Falls risk assessments to identify personal and environmental falls risk factors;
  • Falls prevention program to help older adults reduce their fear of falling and improve their activity levels;
  • Nutrition and weight management programs;
  • Bone mineral density testing to screen for osteoporosis;
  • And a Speaker’s Bureau to present topic-specific talks to businesses, schools, and community-based groups.