Hospitalist Program

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Hospitalist Program

FYI: Follow-up after your stay.

Sudham Chand, MDWhen you are hospitalized our hospitalists team of board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and certified physician assistants oversee your care from admission to discharge. They may order tests and medications, consult with specialists and arrange services you may need when you go home. They also keep your family medicine provider informed of your treatment plan.

As an integral part of the acute care system, they are available immediately to respond to changes in your condition or to evaluate your progress. They also can more easily arrange to meet you more than once a day. More frequent provider visits can mean a shorter inpatient stay for you.

Your hospitalist is your primary doctor during your hospitalization, providing important services including:

  • Communicating with specialists and primary care providers to develop treatment plans;
  • Ordering laboratory and other tests;
  • Monitoring condition changes;
  • Coordinating safe discharge;
  • Arranging additional services after discharge.

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