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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Learn how our Heart Wellness Program helps patients.

Center for Cardiac Care Patient, Nick LefebvreNick's Story

Nick Lefebvre started cardiac rehabilitation at Concord Hospital a month after his heart attack.

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Small steps. That’s how cardiac patients recover from heart attacks, valve replacements, by-pass surgery or other cardiac procedures.

When you are recovering from a heart attack or surgery to treat heart disease, you can count on the specialists at Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services to help you improve your fitness and exercise tolerance, increase your knowledge of heart disease, help you resume daily activities, stay healthy and prevent future cardiac problems.

Comprehensive Wellness Program

  • Individual assessment and educational session with a member of the cardiac rehabilitation team to determine appropriateness.
  • Telemetry-monitored group exercise sessions supervised by an exercise specialist.
  • Relaxation/stress reduction training.
  • Educational sessions focusing on heart-healthy nutrition, stress management, physical and psychosocial risk factors for heart disease, and the benefits of exercise for patient and family.
  • Individual nutrition counseling.

Ongoing Cardiac Rehabilitation

Ongoing services are available to program graduates. A maintenance exercise program, designed specifically for people with a history of heart disease, is available. Exercise instructors have CPR certification and are educated in leading exercise classes for individuals with heart disease.

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