Genetic Testing & Counseling

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Genetic Testing & Counseling

If you are at high-risk for developing cancer, our Genetic Counseling Program identifies and provides you with the opportunity to work with healthcare providers and take proper steps for risk reduction and increased surveillance.

What to Expect

  • A brief phone interview to determine if an appointment is recommended;
  • A meeting with an advanced registered nurse practitioner to review your personal and family history and to discuss a plan of care. If indicated, an appointment with a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) genetic counselor is made to review this information further and to discuss testing;
  • A blood draw if testing is recommended;
  • A second appointment with the DFCI genetic counselor and the NHOH medical oncologist if testing is performed and a genetic alteration is found.

Our Program is in collaboration with DFCI. DFCI genetic counselors are available to provide consultation to appropriate patients, along with input from an NHOH physician. All cases are reviewed by the team at DFCI's Cancer Risk & Prevention Program.

Free Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling visits are offered at no charge to you, however the cost of genetic tests is your responsibility. Most insurances cover the cost of genetic tests and in cases where testing is not covered, financial assistance may be an option depending on your eligibility.

The Heart of the Grape Wine Tasting event supports our Genetic Counseling Program. Through this fun benefit, community members have the chance to make a difference in the lives of their family, friends and neighbors by supporting the program.

Wine Tasting BenefitMake a Difference for Cancer Patients

Wine Tasting event proceeds support our Breast Care Center's Genetic Counseling Program. In 2017, 152 community members received genetic counseling through the program, and four patients received genetic testing at no charge, thanks to philanthropic support.

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Classes & Events

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    This group offers education and support to patients with a history of breast or gynecological cancer.
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    A fun program for women in cancer treatment to combat side effects that affect appearance.