Cancer Rehabilitation at The Payson Center for Cancer Care

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Cancer Rehabilitation

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Therapist with hands on a patient's armCancer rehabilitation is designed to help cancer patients return to their usual activity as soon as possible and learn it is possible to live well throughout all stages of recovery.

Occupational, physical and speech therapists provide cancer patients with specialized services to assist in managing and minimizing the potential side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Specialized services include:

  • Exercises for motion, strength, aerobic conditioning, balance, or coordination;
  • Soft tissue techniques such as myofascial release, scar massage, and trigger point massage;
  • Lymphedema treatment to reduce swelling such as manual lymphatic drainage, and use of compression bandages and sleeves;
  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques;
  • Energy conservation strategies;
  • Swallowing evaluations;
  • Gait and balance training;
  • Treatment for urinary incontinence (male and female);
  • Aquatic exercises.