Anticoagulation Clinic

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Anticoagulation Clinic

Watch Dr. Ciak's presentation on minding your medications.

As a patient of our Anticoagulation Clinic you meet with specially trained nurses, who consult with your referring provider, to manage your medication. During your visit a nurse discusses your health and addresses your anticoagulation medication concerns, as well as explains your test results and provides dosing instructions.

Our Services

  • INR finger stick testing with results in minutes (no lab draws and phone follow-up);
  • Early morning and lunch hour appointments;
  • Print-outs of your dosing schedule, current INR result and follow-up appointment details;
  • New patient teaching and informational appointments that include an educational booklet;
  • Pre-procedural management and interruptions of therapy (bridging);
  • Lovenox teaching, educational material and practice session for patients requiring bridging;
  • Telemanagement for house bound patients.


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