Visiting Hours

Visiting hours vary depending on the unit your friend or loved one is being cared for in the Hospital. If for some reason you are unable to visit your loved one in the Hospital, one of our Hospitality Services Associates, or a volunteer, will happily make a visit upon request.

  • Maternity Unit: 3 - 8 pm (Family and friends 12 years of age or older and 24-hours father/partner, grandparents, and siblings.)
  • Pediatric Unit: 3 - 8 pm (Unrestricted for parents)
  • Intensive Care Unit: Immediate family and significant others; unrestricted hours based on patient's condition.
  • Behavioral Health Unit: 4 - 8 pm weekdays; 3 - 8 pm weekends and holidays
  • All Other Patient Care Units: 11 am - 8 pm

Visiting Guidelines

Family and friends, in good health, including children accompanied by an adult, are welcome to visit during visiting hours or as arranged to accommodate patient and family needs. 

  • Anyone recently exposed to a communicable disease (such as chicken pox, measles, whooping cough) should not visit.
  • We request no more than two visitors with a patient at one time.
  • Please make your visits brief and leave promptly at the end of visiting hours.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave the room during treatments or examinations.
  • In the Intensive Care Unit, visits may be limited at the discretion of the nursing staff.
  • Food is not always an appropriate gift. Please ask the patient’s care provider about dietary restrictions before bringing any food or drink to a patient.

Surgical Waiting Area

When your family member is in surgery, our surgical waiting area provides a comfortable space for you to wait and receive progress reports on your loved one's surgery. If you need to leave the surgical waiting area, a paging device is made available.

Parking on Campus

Parking is available in Lots A, B, E, F and M. Overnight and extended stay patient parking is available in Lot E. See our campus map for parking lot locations. View our building directory for recommended parking, based on your destination.

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