Insured Patients

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Insured Patients

We bill health insurance companies on behalf of our patients. Our goal is to assist patients in accessing all of their health care benefits. However, if an insurance carrier does not make payment, the bill may ultimately be the patients' responsibility.

Know Your Health Insurance

  • You are responsible for understanding your insurance benefits;

  • Not all services may be covered or paid in full;

  • Make sure your policy requirements have been satisfied, and that you or your physician obtain any necessary referral, pre-certification or authorization.

Keep Us Informed

  • Bring your insurance card to all visits;

  • Notify the registrar if you have a new address or telephone number;

  • Be prepared to pay your co-payment amount;

  • Review your statement and verify that the correct insurance was billed.

Payment Concerns

We offer payment plans up to 10 months, with a minimum $40 payment as well as financial assistance to those who qualify. See the back of your billing statement for more information.