Published on May 17, 2022

We're Not About Making Excuses

The time you're on hold when you call our Hospital or medical offices is too long. We know your time is valuable and your medical care is important. We apologize for not being able to answer your phone calls quickly and want you to know the hold times you're experiencing are due to staffing shortages, combined with a high demand for healthcare services.

We're here to solve problems.

  • You've told us you'd prefer to hear one message when you're on hold with us rather than listening to a loop of recordings. We are updating our on-hold messaging based on your feedback.
  • You've shared that you've tried multiple attempts to reach us by phone. If you can, it's best to stay on hold rather than hang up and call again. Staying on hold keeps your place in the call queue.
  • You've indicated that you're calling us to schedule appointments, request prescription renewals and ask your provider or nurse a question. Enrolling in My Patient Connect, our patient portal will enable you to do all these tasks online — without a phone call.

Between the work we're doing to address staffing shortages and with your patience and understanding, we're confident we will get back to providing the timely phone service we all expect. Thank you for being a Concord Hospital patient.