Clinical Decision Unit

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Clinical Decision Unit

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Nurse caring for a patientOur Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) meets the needs of patients who require evaluation, testing, treatment, and medical management for up to 24 hours. While in the CDU, physicians evaluate whether a patient can safely return home or whether the patient’s condition requires admission to an inpatient unit to continue his/her care. All CDU patient rooms are private and include cardiac monitoring capability.

Patients of the Clinical Decision Unit have 24/7 access to:

  • A dedicated team of nurses certified in advance cardiac life support or critical-care nursing;
  • Follow-up testing in a timely manner while resting in a comfortable environment with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment readily available;
  • Care coordinators who participate in every patient’s treatment plan and assist in keeping patients and companions informed throughout their stay;
  • Private treatment rooms that are large enough to accommodate visitors. Each room is equipped with a television and patients can order meals through our Distinctive Dining Room Service Program.

Patients arriving at the Emergency Department (ED) with conditions or symptoms that expect to be resolved in less than 24 hours may be candidates for the CDU.

All Emergency Department patients are assessed by a physician who determines if the patient is a candidate for the CDU. Additionally, all patients admitted to the CDU meet certain clinical criteria and must be over the age of 17. If transfer to the CDU is deemed appropriate, the patient’s course of treatment is reviewed with their primary care physician or the physician on call from their primary care office who assumes care of the patient in the CDU. The typical length of stay for CDU patients is between 4-24 hours.