Financial Assistance Policy Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance Policy

Our policy ensures we meet the health needs of individuals within the communities we serve regardless of their ability to pay.

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If you don't have health insurance or your insurance does not cover your entire bill, you may qualify for financial assistance. Financial assistance is limited to emergency and medically necessary health services.

Who Can Apply

Our financial assistance policy provides a partial or full discount for those who:

  • Have tried all other payment options and;
  • Have a household income at or below 225% of this year’s federal poverty guidelines and;
  • Have submitted a properly completed financial assistance application.

Included is assistance for uninsured patients with household incomes between 225% and 500% of the federal poverty guidelines who have experienced medical hardship and owe large medical bills.

How to Get an Application

  • Download
  • Concord Hospital, 250 Pleasant Street, Concord NH 03301
  • (603) 227-7101

How to Get Help

Call (603) 415-6602 to request this information in another language.

Call (603) 227-7101 for other resources that provide financial assistance.