Some Cardiac Patients from the Lakes Region Can Be Examined by their Doctor in Concord via Telemedicine

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Published on April 19, 2017

Some Cardiac Patients from the Lakes Region Can Be Examined by their Doctor in Concord via Telemedicine

Dr. Adam ChodoshSome cardiac patients from the Lakes Region now can be examined by their doctor in Concord, without leaving the doctor’s satellite office in Laconia.

Through the new telemedicine program with Cardiac Associates electrophysiology specialist Dr. Adam Chodosh, patients at the Cardiac Associates office in Laconia can be examined without a 45-minute, or longer, drive to Concord where Dr. Chodosh is based.

Working with Cardiac Associates Laconia clinical leader Maxine McBey, patients are assessed by Dr. Chodosh by using an electronic Bluetooth stethoscope to transmit the sound of the heartbeat to an identical stethoscope Dr. Chodosh is wearing in Concord. The result is as if the patient and doctor are face-to-face. They communicate through an audio/ video screen.

Some telemedicine patients receive checkups after heart procedures. Others may be assessed for the possibility of having a device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator implanted. The program not only benefits Lakes Region patients, but because Dr. Chodosh does not have to travel to Laconia for appointments, he can spend more time caring for all of his many patients.

“Who benefits?” said Dr. Michael McLeod, family medicine physician. “All of the patients who would have had to wait that much longer to see Dr. Chodosh. Instead of maybe seeing three people, he can now see four or five, because he isn’t spending time traveling back and forth.”

Concord Hospital is investigating expanding telemedicine to admitted cardiac patients at LRGHealthcare, as well as for other medical specialties in the future, such as Concord Hospital Wound Healing Center patients who might be able to see a Concord Hospital specialist through a telemedicine office at Concord Hospital Family Health Center in Hillsboro.

Deborah Coleman and Clinical Leader Maxine McBey


Deborah Coleman of Sanbornton loves medical technology. As a long-time EMT, she used it to help patients. Now, as a patient, she benefits from new technology that allows her cardiac specialist to examine her heart from miles away.

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