Telemedicine Brings Patient and Physician Virtually Together

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Published on March 21, 2017

Telemedicine Brings Patient and Physician Virtually Together

Deborah’s Story

Deborah ColemanDeborah Coleman of Sanbornton loves medical technology. As a long-time EMT, she used it to help patients. Now, as a patient, she benefits from new technology that allows her cardiac specialist to examine her heart from miles away.

Deborah is a patient of Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates. She underwent a procedure at Concord Hospital during the summer to control her unpredictable, racing heartbeat. For her follow-up checkup, instead of traveling to Concord, or instead of having her cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Adam Chodosh travel to Cardiac Associates’ office in Laconia, she goes to Laconia and he stays in Concord and examines her through an audio/video link and a wireless stethoscope.

Deborah and Dr. Chodosh see and hear each other on a video monitor, while Maxine McBey, the clinical leader at Cardiac Associates Laconia, conducts the hands-on exam. She and Dr. Chodosh wear identical Bluetooth stethoscopes that transmit the sounds of Deborah’s heart and lungs to Concord.

“It was just like being in the clinic with him,” said Deborah.

Dr. Chodosh directs McBey where to place the stethoscope, either verbally, or by using a 3D diagram on a split-screen computer monitor.

“I’m basically his hands,” she said. “I do the feeling and the moving of the stethoscope and he asks the questions.”

For now, Cardiac Associates conducts the telemedicine clinics one day a month for several patients each day. McBey says it not only benefits patients who don’t have to drive to Concord from around the Lakes Region, but essentially all patients, who have the opportunity to schedule an appointment sooner because Dr. Chodosh is spending more time in the office and less on the road.

Deborah said she does not feel shortchanged by not having the doctor in the same room.

“You are face-to-face with him through the monitor and you can talk with him and hear him give instructions,” she said. “He can hear everything in the stethoscope, just like he was doing it himself.”