NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency

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Published on April 06, 2017

NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency

Nicole Mesick, DO, RD

For more than 20 years, new physicians have gained experience and helped community members through the NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency at Concord Hospital and Concord Hospital Family Health Center in Concord and Hillsboro-Deering.

New physicians and Concord area patients benefit because Family Health Center (FHC) locations are clinical training sites for the physicians and community health centers for patients in Concord Hospital’s service area. Since 1995, the residency program has graduated 137 family medicine physicians who come to the program from medical schools around the world. 

Graduates have become skilled clinicians, leaders and agents of change in the community and around the country. New doctors learn core clinical skills necessary for primary care physicians, while also training with specialists in Concord Hospital Medical Group.

A primary concept is teaching that physicians must be part of a healthcare team, as opposed to a common notion engrained in medical school that they have to do it all — by themselves. Program director Dr. Douglas Dreffer said the reality, especially in primary care, is that the complex conditions many patients face require a team approach. He said recruiters from hospitals seeking new physicians have reported that NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency graduates stand out because they understand and value working in a team.