CHMG Making Health Care More Convenient for Patients

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Published on April 12, 2017

Making Health Care More Convenient for Patients

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In 2016, Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG) set a goal of ensuring that 50 percent of new patients would be seen in a practice within 14 calendar days of their initial referral or request to establish care. As of September 2016, 45 percent of new patients for specialists and 46 percent of new primary care patients were being seen within that time frame, partly due to a standardized pre-appointment process that underwent pilot trials in April.

CHMG made it easier and quicker for patients to get an appointment by adding advanced providers at each primary care location to ensure that established patients were able to receive same-day appointments when necessary. Several practices also extended hours, with most opening at 7 a.m. several days a week and almost all offering hours to 6 or 7 p.m. at least a few evenings a week.

CHMG practices also help each other to avoid inconveniencing patients. If one practice is awaiting new providers to replace others who have retired or moved on, another often steps in to offer appointments.

CHMG has made the changes to help make health care more convenient for patients, and so patients can see their current providers instead of visiting another practice. ‘Access to Care’ patient survey** scores have shown considerable improvement. In Fiscal Year 2014***, CHMG ranked in the 68th percentile versus all medical practices in Press Ganey’s national database; in Fiscal Year 2016*, CHMG’s ranking rose to the 77th percentile.