A New Beginning - Jason's Story of Recovering from Addiction

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Published on March 21, 2017

A New Beginning

Jason's Story

Jason Smith and Dr. Molly RossignolJason Smith of Bow was discouraged, ready to give up after years of opiate dependence. Concerned about his well-being and destructive behavior, his girlfriend called Concord Hospital Family Health Center’s Program for Addictive Disorders. That’s when Jason met Dr. Molly Rossignol.

“Molly saw a shell of a man,” Jason said of their first meeting in June of 2016. “I came very close to bringing her to tears.”

“She opened her office to me and she opened her heart,” said Jason, who is 41. “I just think she wanted me to feel better. It wasn’t about what I was doing or what I had done, it was about what can we do from this point forward to make me a great part of society.”

Six months later, sober, grateful and emotional, Jason credited Dr. Rossignol for helping turn his life around.

“She saved my life by treating me like a human being,” he said.

After being prescribed painkillers for knee surgery in 2008, Jason transitioned into opiate dependence. Before his girlfriend made the call, he was struggling and had made an attempt on his own life. But after his first appointment with Dr. Rossignol, he was on his way to rehab, being helped to achieve the recovery he had failed to do on his own.

For others struggling with addiction, Jason has a message:

“Give it a chance. Make sure you find a person like Molly, or Molly herself, who is going to give you compassion, so you can know that you can be a better person. Find somebody like that and don’t give up.”

Now, with his life back, Jason enjoys things that many take for granted, such as trick or treating this year with his girlfriend’s young son and

“I stopped a couple of times just to say ‘Wow, I cannot believe how wonderful this is to be able to participate in something in life and watch the looks on their faces when they got their candy.’ Every little part of it meant so much more because I was sober.”