Stop the Bleed Community Campaign Aims to Save Lives

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Published on August 15, 2018

Stop the Bleed Community Campaign Aims to Save Lives

Concord Hospital Trust has embarked on an important fundraising campaign to better equip schools to save lives when minutes matter.

As part of the national Stop the Bleed campaign, Concord Hospital and its EMS partners already have helped train hundreds of school employees, teachers and members of the public how to stop uncontrolled bleeding.

Now, Concord Hospital Trust hopes to raise nearly $80,000 to place Stop the Bleed First Aid kits in every classroom in every school in every community it serves.

Victims of uncontrolled bleeding can die in several minutes before emergency personnel arrives at auto crashes, workplace injuries or mass shootings. But, anyone at the scene can save lives, if they know what to do. Stop the Bleed trainers teach proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use direct pressure, wound packing and tourniquets.

With funds from Concord Hospital’s Trauma Program and donations to Concord Hospital Trust, the initiative already has supplied Stop the Bleed kits at many training sites, especially schools. They contain tourniquets, quick clot gauze and other bleeding control items.

The Stop the Bleed Community Campaign will aim to place kits in more than 800 classrooms and school common areas in approximately 28 communities.

“Concord Hospital Trust staff and volunteers are anxious to work with individuals and businesses in the communities we serve to make our Stop the Bleed goal a reality,” said Pamela Puleo, Concord Hospital Chief Advancement Officer.

The kits cost $69 each.

To make a contribution to support Stop the Bleed Community Campaigns call (603) 227-7162.

To find a Stop the Bleed training session, visit or e-mail Katie Hartford at