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Published on March 15, 2018

Cardiac Intervention & Surgery

Michael Ferguson, MDMichael Ferguson, MD

"In the Catheterization Suite, we can really make a tremendous differnce for someone who might have died or been severely impaired, and because of the care we provided, we return them to a normal life. That's why I went info cardiology."

~Dr. Michael Ferguson of Cardiac Associates

The Cardiac Catheterization Suite at Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care is a busy place. It’s where specialists perform delicate procedures to diagnose and treat heart disease, defects and heart attacks.

Very few hospitals in New Hampshire offer the range of interventional procedures available in the ‘Cath Lab,’ including the ability to open blocked arteries during heart attacks, replace faulty heart valves and correct congenital heart defects.

The cardiac team treats four or five heart attack patients a week.

“Time is the essence for a lot of cardiac conditions,” said Dr. Michael Ferguson, Director of the Catheterization Suite. “It’s critical that we have services in the
community that allow emergency access to the closest possible facility where people can receive this care. If you had to travel to get some of these procedures, you might not make it.”

Dr. Ferguson said the cardiologists are able to do their life-saving work because of an important system that includes first responders, the Emergency Department and community awareness about the need to act quickly.