CuddleCot™ Donation Gives Grieving Parents the Gift of Time

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Published on May 25, 2016

CuddleCot™ Donation Gives Grieving Parents the Gift of Time

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CuddleCot Donation

Megan Divers, James LaClair, Wyatt Divers,

Michaelle Divers, Cyndy LaClair

Throughout the United States, approximately 24,000 babies* are stillborn each year. A common regret among grieving parents is they were unable to spend more time with their child.

Michaelle Divers and her family experienced this first hand when their daughter Mackenzie Rose was tragically delivered stillborn at Concord Hospital on June 15, 2005.

“When we delivered our stillborn daughter Mackenzie Rose, we were overwhelmed by all of the decisions and things we wanted to do in the very short time we had,” said Michaelle Divers. “This would be the first and last time we ever held our daughter. We were able to get a few photos and allow family members to hold her, however seeing the changes happening to her body we chose to say goodbye earlier than later.”

Thanks to the generosity of Mackenzie Rose Marie Divers’ family and friends in association with Stories of Babies Born Still (SOBBS) and United States CuddleCot™ Campaign Initiative (USCCC), Concord Hospital is now able to provide parents suffering such an unspeakable loss a way to be with their baby to spend time with and say goodbye gradually.

“We had never heard of the CuddleCot™, however, once we learned what it could offer others we knew it was something we wanted our local hospital to have,” said Michaelle Divers. “The CuddleCot would have given us more time. In donating the CuddleCot we hope to give grieving parents the gift of precious time with their child.”

CuddleCot is a device that cools a special pad inside a bassinette or crib, allowing parents to keep their stillborn baby with them for a much longer period – up to several days instead of several hours. This cooling device is important because a small body will begin showing signs of break-down within hours of passing. The CuddleCot, manufactured by Flexmort in Birmingham, England, circulates cool liquid through the pad to keep the stillborn baby cool, delaying that break-down.

For those who choose to, the CuddleCot gives parents or relatives more precious time to bond – perhaps to sing to their baby, make plaster hand or footprints, or just be with their baby as they begin their grief process.

Grief counselors call it “the gift of time.”

Approximately 10-12 babies are stillborn at Concord Hospital each year.

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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