Concord Hospital Trust Receives $1,500 Gift from the Junior Service League, Concord

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Published on November 07, 2016

Concord Hospital Trust Receives $1,500 Gift from the Junior Service League, Concord

Junior Service League Grant Presentation

Bridget Edinger, JSL Vice President;
Donna Hartley, JSL Corresponding
Secretary; Deanne Pelletier,
CH Trust; and Chelsea Doughty,
JSL President.

The Junior Service League of Concord has awarded $1,500 to Concord Hospital to provide support to pediatric patients suffering from a behavioral health crisis. The grant will be used to enhance services to children who are admitted through the Emergency Department’s Behavioral Health Yellow Pod and are in need of an extended hospital stay in our pediatric department.

Behavioral Health Access and Affordability was once again identified as a priority health need in the 2015 Capital Region Health Needs Assessment. Embedded within this need is illness associated with depression, stress and self-harm. Having a dedicated pediatric department able to care for children with a wide range of health issues, is but one part of the extraordinary work performed daily by our committed staff.

"We are so pleased to be in partnership with Concord Hospital and be able to support children during a time of crisis in their lives." says Chelsea Doughty, Junior Service League president.

In 2015, Concord Hospital provided just over $43 million in community benefit support to patients in our region including $1,477,549 in direct support to the Emergency Department Behavioral Health Yellow Pod providing care through 963 contacts.

Junior Service League (JSL): Each year JSL invests thousands of hours to community agencies and programs. Last year, over 30 League members provided over 2,000 volunteer hours to civic projects and programs. Over the last several years JSL has also raised over $50,000 to help families needing medical or financial assistance, and organizations who share the same mission.

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