Concord Hospital Hyperbaric Treatment Program Reaccredited by UHMS

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Published on January 25, 2016

Concord Hospital Hyperbaric Treatment Program Reaccredited

UHMS AccreditationHyperbaric treatment is a crucial component of Concord Hospital’s Wound Healing Center and brings relief to area patients with slow-healing wounds. The Center has recently been awarded national reaccreditation by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) which recognizes that the Hospital and Center practice the highest level of treatment and patient safety. The Center has been accredited since 2013.

Hyperbaric treatment, in which patients breathe 100 percent oxygen under pressure, is best known for treating undersea divers, but is more commonly used to treat patients facing the potential loss of limbs because of slow-healing, infected wounds.

“Accreditation by the UHMS shows that this Center adheres to the highest standards of patient care and safety,” said Dr. Duane A. Dietz, medical director of Concord Hospital Wound Healing Center. "Not every facility can achieve this distinction."

On average, four to five patients are treated daily in the Center’s two hyperbaric chambers. Most often, they have diabetes and poor circulation that frequently leads to deep foot wounds that resist other treatment. Patients typically lie in a phone booth-sized chamber breathing pressurized 100 percent oxygen for two hours a day, every weekday, for six weeks. The oxygen stimulates the body to grow new blood vessels in an injured area, improving circulation and promoting healing.

The hyperbaric chambers also are used to help repair tissue damaged by cancer radiation treatments, complicated bone or tissue infections, carbon monoxide exposure and scuba diving injuries.

The lengthy UHMS review examined everything from staffing and training to standards of care and the way equipment was installed, operated and maintained. It also included detailed safety plans and continuing drills to ensure safety in an environment at increased risk of fire because of the presence of 100 percent oxygen.

Concord Hospital Wound Healing Center provides early intervention, patient education, prevention, reduction of non-healing wound complications such as amputations, wound management and improvement in the overall quality of life for patients with wounds. 

About the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
Since 2001, the UHMS has administered a clinical hyperbaric medicine facility accreditation program. Clinical hyperbaric facilities can demonstrate their commitment to patient care and facility safety by voluntarily participating in this program. When invited to perform an accreditation survey, the UHMS will send a team of experts to the facility to examine staffing and training, equipment installation, operation, and maintenance, facility and patient safety, and standards of care.

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