Concord Hospital Enterprise-Wide IT Decision

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Published on February 17, 2016

Concord Hospital Enterprise-Wide IT Decision 

Concord Hospital is on the cusp of implementing a new information technology (IT) system that will serve as the Hospital’s central nervous system by coordinating and consolidating information our healthcare providers and patients need to make the best treatment decisions.

The Hospital, a recognized leader in using IT to help provide the best care, anticipates implementing the Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record system over 16 months, beginning in mid-January 2016. It will replace the majority of the Hospital’s current clinical IT systems with an integrated system to help provide the best care, from the most appropriate provider in the most appropriate setting.

The Cerner system helps make sure that all providers have access to the most accurate, up-to-date patient information, which now can be fragmented, especially for patients who see multiple providers. Consolidating the information and making it available to all providers, and the patient, avoids unnecessary tests and discrepancies in medication.

Coordinating information from various providers in the community also helps providers identify healthcare trends or individual patient needs, which will enable the Hospital and its providers to focus resources on addressing those issues – a key to population health care. Patients also will have the information needed to monitor their own conditions at home, to avoid illnesses and more costly Hospital admissions.

Importantly, the population health component of the Cerner system will combine two key sources of information to offer a more complete picture of a patient’s health – claims data that details previous treatment locally and outside the area and clinical data from a patient’s Electronic Health Record that shows how well they are doing.