Bow Baseball and Softball League, Community, Team up for Concord Hospital Cancer Center Donation

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Published on August 22, 2016

Bow Baseball and Softball League, Community, Team Up to Support Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care Breast Cancer Patients

Bow Youth Baseball

Home runs didn’t just help Bow Youth Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball League players win games in Bow this summer. They helped raise thousands of dollars for breast cancer patients in honor of their league commissioner, Concord Hospital employee Megan Rheinhardt.

Thanks to their “hitting breast cancer out of the park” effort, Megan, a breast cancer and lymphoma survivor, presented a check for $4,165 to Concord Hospital Trust’s Lend Me a Hand Fund. The fund helps cancer patients in need cover out-of-pocket expenses such as gas and groceries.

“When it came time to select who to give the charitable donation to, keeping the money easily available to breast cancer patients in our community was of importance,” said Megan. “When I was informed of the Lend Me a Hand Fund that supports patients getting quick access to everyday funds it felt like the perfect fit.”

As a teenager, Megan underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The radiation put her at high risk for developing breast cancer. After an exam early this year found that Megan had pre-cancerous cells, she and her husband Brent decided on a double mastectomy to eliminate the chance of developing breast cancer. The surgery may have saved her life, because, doctors discovered two invasive breast cancers that had been undetected.

In addition to providing her family with dinner (and sometimes lunch) every day for three months during her recovery, friends and fellow volunteers of Bow Youth Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball came up with another way to support and honor Megan – hitting home runs.

Allied Insurance Agency in Bow pledged to donate $20 to a breast cancer charity of Megan’s choice for every home run hit during the 2016 season. Another local business Berube’s Truck Accessories and BTA Graphics created a banner to highlight the event and made breast cancer ribbons to hang at the ball field for each home run.

The first $20 donation came when Megan’s son, Myles, hit the first over-the-fence home run of the season. Through the season, kids from all age divisions slammed home runs, and donations added up.

Soon, coaches and other residents wanted to get in on the fun. The Gazaways from Allied Insurance held a coaches’ Home Run Derby in which coaches and residents paid to go to bat for Megan. The Bow Rotary Club and Megan’s father-in-law barbequed for the event and when the dust settled, they had raised more than $3,000 in a single night.

The players far surpassed the 2015 home run total of 15. This year, with a breast cancer ribbon posted for each one, they hit 50, raising $1,000.

A grateful Megan asked that the Lend Me a Hand Fund use the donation specifically for Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care breast cancer patients.

“I never imagined having to beat cancer once in my life, but to have done it twice now gives me a great sense of appreciation for my family, friends and the community I live in who have helped me become the survivor that I am,” she said.

The Lend Me a Hand Fund is a Concord Hospital Trust charitable fund that supports special and unique needs of Payson Center for Cancer Care patients. Monies from the Fund are used to support out-of-pocket expenses for cancer patients in need including transportation costs, prescription and grocery expenses and other items that enhance a patient’s quality of life.