A Comprehensive Approach to Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention

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Published on September 28, 2016

A Comprehensive Approach to Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention

Kidney StonesA hallmark of the Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program is the comprehensive approach in which our providers work with each patient to design a plan to help prevent kidney stones from recurring. Providers thoroughly review a patient’s medical history and testing to determine their history of kidney stones and what might be causing them. The plan might include medication, as well as changes in lifestyle and diet, complete with follow up to track progress and ensure patients are not left on their own.

Patients at highest risk are referred to the Kidney Stone Clinic at Center for Urologic Care, which meets twice a month. Before their in-depth Kidney Stone Clinic consultations, patients have thorough urine and blood tests and are asked to keep track of what they eat with a food diary. At the Clinic, patients benefit from the medical expertise of nurse practitioner
Cassie Delude and nutritional expertise of registered dietician Kathy Burzynski who design a two-part care plan for each patient. Delude reviews test results and highlights conditions that might be forming the patient’s kidney stones, including certain foods. She presents a medical care plan that may include medication or changes in diet. Then, Burzynski reviews the patient’s food diary and presents a dietary plan based on the patient’s medical care plan and other possible medical conditions.

“Standard urology practices rarely provide such a thorough look at the risk and set up a prevention strategy with follow through,” says Dr. Scott Fabozzi.