Concord Hospital Invests $52.2 Million in Community Benefit Programs and Services

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Published on March 09, 2015

Concord Hospital Invests $52.2 Million in Community Benefit Programs and Services

As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, Concord Hospital develops and implements an annual community benefits plan each year to meet the broad health care needs of patients and residents in Concord and surrounding communities. In fiscal year 2014, Concord Hospital invested more than $52 million in programs and services to meet those needs, demonstrating its long-term commitment to its charitable mission. Ninety-two percent of the Hospital’s investment directly addressed community health needs identified in a comprehensive community health needs assessment. These investments make the organization worthy of both tax exemption and philanthropic support.

“Our annual community benefits investments truly reflect our commitment to our charitable mission and the important responsibility we have to support the health needs of our community members,” said Robert P. Steigmeyer, Concord Hospital president and chief executive officer. “Our Board of Trustees, administration, medical staff, direct care providers and staff all remain attentive to supporting the health of our neighbors, including our most vulnerable residents. In 2014, our investments included providing access to affordable medical care and behavioral health services, which remain critical needs in our community.”

Investments made in response to identified health needs include:

Charitable Care-$16,665,736 

Concord Hospital provides free or discounted medical care to low-income, uninsured or underinsured members of the community, serving as the medical safety net for many area residents. Investments include: 

  • Providing free or discounted medical care to 8,494 Concord Hospital and Concord Hospital Medical Group patients valued at $16.5 million;
  • Providing dental care to 484 patients valued at $101,152.

Subsidized Health Services-$27,911,020

Concord Hospital provides a full range of essential health services to the community, despite incurring financial loss for many programs. Investments include:

  • $4.5 million in Concord Hospital Family Health Center operations serving 10,669 patients;
  • $842,838 invested to provide 1,430 patients access to emergency behavioral health services in Concord Hospital’s Emergency Department in collaboration with Riverbend Community Mental Health;
  • $522,151 invested to provide care to 2,910 Concord Hospital Breast Care Center patients;
  • $9.9 million invested to provide access to primary and specialty care at Concord Hospital Medical Group practices to 39,431 individuals;
  • More than $1 million invested to provide programs and services to patients managing chronic health conditions including cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Community Health Services-$2,721,124

By providing access to health education, prevention and wellness tools, Concord Hospital supports individuals on their journey to good health, ultimately enhancing and improving the health of the community. Investments include:

  • $535,134 invested to provide community health and wellness education to 7,877 individuals;
  • $227,366 invested to provide health screenings for 1,448 individuals;
  • $550,339 invested to provide financial counseling and prescription assistance to more than 10,000 individuals.

Health and Professional Education-$3,814,032

Providing health education for health professionals illustrates Concord Hospital’s commitment to the future of health care and the overall health of the community. Investments include:

  • $1,988,982 invested to support the NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency at Concord Hospital;

  • $617,553 invested to provide medical education to more than 2,000 medical professionals in Concord Hospital’s Forrest D. McKerley Simulation and Education Center.


Providing Concord Hospital and Concord Hospital Medical Group patients access to the latest clinical trials and research assists in hastening cures and easing pain and suffering.

Concord Hospital’s community benefits plan activities for 2015 will continue to address and respond to identified community health needs which include:

  • Affordability of medical care including prescription assistance through charitable care, financial assistance, prescription medication vouchers and a physical therapy clinic;
  • Access to medical care including primary care, family medicine residency and community health education; 
  • Dental care through Concord Hospital Family Health Center Dental Clinic;
  • Behavioral health services through Concord Hospital’s Emergency Department, Substance Use Program, voluntary inpatient unit, integrated behavioral health care management and Concord Hospital Family Health Center;
  • Access to obesity and weight loss programs through Concord Hospital Center for Health Promotion weight management offerings and nutrition counseling; 
  • Programs and services for elders including Concord Hospital’s Delirium Prevention Program, Medical Home Navigation Program, Frail Elders Program, senior education offerings and chronic care programs and services;
  • Assistance with medical transportation for Concord Hospital patients in need;
  • Access to health information through Concord Hospital’s web site, medical home navigation nurse care, Concord Hospital Center for Health Promotion and Concord Hospital Trust’s Business Partners in Health initiative.

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