Concord Hospital Implements Monitoring System to Help Keep Patients Safe

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Published on June 01, 2015

Concord Hospital Implements Monitoring System to Help Keep Patients Safe

Concord Hospital is introducing a new, high-tech video monitoring system to enhance its patient safety plan of care. Beginning in June, the Hospital will implement the AvaSys® Video Monitoring System for patients who may need closer observation to protect them from falls or potential harm, such as removing life-saving devices. The system allows a single, trained observer to monitor up to 10 patients at once via video monitoring camera from a central monitoring station. When patients need help, the observer can speak to them by two-way audio, while sending a staff member to the patient’s bedside.

Concord Hospital currently utilizes a comprehensive adult patient safety plan of care which includes a variety of interventions for caregivers to implement with patients depending on each patients individual needs.

“Concord Hospital is very attentive to patient safety, including the risk of falls,” said Jennifer Dongarra, RN, BSN, MM, Director, Concord Hospital Medical Specialties/Oncology Patient Care Units. “The AvaSys System will enhance our patient safety efforts, which includes using specialty beds and alarms; and having staff check on patients regularly to attend to a patient’s pain, positioning and to promote patient safety.”

The Hospital also uses other techniques such as therapeutic activities, diversional activities, bed/door/chair alarms, and reverie harps to help reduce patient anxiety.

The AvaSys equipment can be rolled into a patient’s room, instantly providing a wireless video and audio connection. The device is used only to allow Hospital staff to see and speak with patients. It does not record and an electronic privacy screen can be used when a doctor or nurse is providing care in the patient’s room.

“We expect the AvaSys Video Monitoring System will provide an even higher level of safety for our patients,” said Dongarra. “Our vigilance toward safety helps reassure patients and their families, and prevents injuries that hinder recovery and increase healthcare costs.”

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