Concord Hospital Expands Emergency Services Medical Role

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Published on October 29, 2014

Concord Hospital Expands Emergency Services Medical Role

Patients in need of emergency care in the Concord area may see a new face among the paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who respond to their calls for help – Dr. David Hirsch of Concord Emergency Medical Associates and emergency medicine physician at Concord Hospital.

Dr. Hirsch, Concord Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) director, is expanding his role to provide part-time support on the scene of some medical emergencies, which will include assessing EMS services and identifying potential training needs.

Concord Hospital is the first in New Hampshire to include emergency physician response outside the hospital as part of its EMS program. The program, called Operational Medical Direction, is found in many of the nation’s major cities.

“This important expansion of emergency medical care will benefit patients and local emergency responders,” said Dr. Hirsch. “By providing a clinical field presence, I can help support providing medical care to patients on scene and can also teach and mentor emergency responders.”

He will respond to medical calls in an emergency vehicle donated by the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office. The vehicle carries medical equipment including a portable defibrillator purchased through Concord Hospital Trust and other equipment donated by several local EMS services including Concord, Hopkinton and Epsom. The program has also been supported by the Capital Area Mutual Aid Fire Compact.

In 2013, Dr. Hirsch became one of the first board certified EMS physicians in the country. He is a former firefighter/EMT and flight physician.

Emergency Medical Services is a medical subspecialty that involves emergency care before patients arrive at the hospital. It includes initial patient stabilization, treatment and transport in ambulances or helicopters.

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