March 11, 2013 News Release

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Published on March 11, 2013

Louis Josephson, PhD Presented Leadership Award

Louis Josephson, PhD has been awarded the Leadership Award by New Hampshire Psychiatric Society (NHPS), a state membership organization committed to bringing psychiatrists together to work for the benefit of their patients and the profession.

“This award honors the highest level of leadership and excellence advocating for the physicians and mentally ill of New Hampshire,” according to the NHPS board. “The recipient of our award, Louis Josephson, PhD, truly demonstrates leadership for the future of health care.”

The award will be presented to Dr. Josephson at the NHPS’ 41st Annual Meeting on May 23 in New London. Dr. Josephson was nominated for demonstrating leadership by advancing the care of the mentally ill in New Hampshire through exemplary public service.

Dr. Josephson is CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health Inc. and vice president for behavioral health at Concord Hospital.

Dr. Josephson is the public face of community mental health care in Concord. He writes several editorials per year that are picked up by newspapers across the state. He has forged relationships with policy makers in the Department of Health and Human Services and the state Legislature. Through the Riverbend Rainbow Awards he orchestrates a very visible spotlight for friends of mental health care. He does all this while ably leading one of the largest mental health centers in New Hampshire, which has admirably weathered these trying economic times without comprising its mission. Dr. Josephson goes over and above the requirements of his administrative position to champion the cause of quality mental health care in our state.

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