David J. Hirsch, MD, MPH, FACEP has become one of the first board-certified EMS physicians in the country

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Published on February 18, 2014

David J. Hirsch, MD, MPH, FACEP Has Become One of the First Board-Certified EMS Physicians in the Country

David J. Hirsch, MD, MPH, FACEP, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) medical director and attending emergency medicine physician at Concord Hospital, has become one of the first board-certified EMS physicians in the country.

Dr. Hirsch, of Concord Emergency Medical Associates, was among the first group of physicians to pass a specialty board exam in Emergency Medical Services in the fall of 2013. Fewer than 200 physicians nationally hold this certification, including only one other physician in New Hampshire. Emergency Medical Services is a medical subspecialty that involves emergency care before patients arrive at the hospital which includes initial patient stabilization, treatment and transport to hospitals in specially equipped ambulances or helicopters.

“As EMS medical director at Concord Hospital, Dr. Hirsch has been dedicated to working closely with area EMS providers to improve emergency care in the field and during transport to Concord Hospital's Emergency Department,” said Dr. David Green, Concord Hospital chief medical officer. “Becoming one of the first EMS board-certified physicians in the country is a reflection of his commitment to excellence in the delivery of emergency care by first responders. We are fortunate to have Dr. Hirsch's leadership and skills leading our communities EMS efforts.”

The American Board of Emergency Medicine approved EMS as a subspecialty in 2010. EMS certification is designed to standardize physician training and qualifications for EMS practice, improve patient safety, enhance the quality of emergency medical care and help integrate pre-hospital emergency treatment into a patient’s overall care.

As EMS medical director, Dr. Hirsch is responsible for medical oversight of the EMS team which includes over 25 services and more than 500 EMS providers in New Hampshire’s Capital Region. His role combines direct patient care in the field with supervisory functions to ensure an effectively functioning response system.

His duties include medical decision-making and control of care provided by EMS personnel, developing procedures to help decide which medical facility would provide an EMS patient with the most appropriate care and the method of transporting the patient to that facility and developing written treatment guidelines.

Dr. Hirsch’s certification is for a period of ten years.

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