September 20, 2013 News Release

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Published on September 20, 2013

Concord Hospital Earns National Stroke Center Certification

DNV Primary Stroke Center Certification Award LogoConcord Hospital is the first hospital in New Hampshire to be certified as a Primary Stroke Center hospital by DNV Healthcare, which validates its dedication to the latest and most rapid care possible for stroke victims.

The three-year certification from DNV Healthcare, a hospital accreditation organization with some of the toughest standards in health care, means Concord Hospital’s stroke response staff follows the best methods to fast-track patients suspected of stroke so doctors can begin brain-saving treatments immediately.

"We are proud that our hard work in providing the best possible care to stroke patients has been recognized by such a prestigious organization as DNV," said Kristine Chaisson, administrative director of Concord Hospital’s Cardiac Surgery Program, Cardiovascular Services and Clinical Decision Unit. "But we are prouder that our work is helping save lives and preserve the quality of life for many of our stroke patients."

Concord Hospital’s stroke response includes TeleStroke, a high-tech collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital that speeds diagnosis and treatment during a patient’s crucial first moments at the hospital. The TeleStroke video conference system allows doctors in Concord Hospital’s Emergency Department and neurology specialists at Mass General Hospital to work together – sharing lab results and CT scans, examining patients and recommending treatment – hopefully within a half-hour of a patient’s arrival.

As part of its review, DNV inspected actual and potential patient outcomes, as well as required processes followed by the hospital’s stroke care team. DNV surveyors assessed the care provided at Concord Hospital, including the appropriateness of the care and hospital services within the context of the certification requirements.

Surveyors also visited Concord Hospital facilities where stroke patients are diagnosed and treated and reviewed clinical records, staff records and other documentation to validate information gained from observations and interviews.


Concord Hospital wants you to know the warning signs of stroke.

A good way to remember the warning signs of stroke is FAST

F – Face numbness or weakness on one side of body

A – Arm numbness or weakness on one side of body

S – Speech slurred or difficulty speaking or understanding

T – Time to immediately call 911

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