Undersea Medicine

Undersea medicine is a specialty combining knowledge of sports medicine, specialized pharmacology, and human physiology in extreme environments together with an intimate familiarity with marine life, diving equipment and techniques, and the conditions unique to the marine world. Whether you spend time in the undersea environment for work, recreation or both, you can rely on the undersea medicine specialists at Concord Hospital Wound Healing Center for expert advice on returning to diving after an injury, diving with certain medical conditions, and being cleared for diving. 


  • Clearance to dive after an injury
  • Treatment of non-critical dive injuries
  • Medical advice for diving in specific remote or harsh locations
  • Consultation for conditions that require specific accommodations for diving including, but not limited to, asthma; diabetes; implants and prostheses.

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Accredited Center

The Wound Healing Center is fully accredited by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Accreditation recognizes the highest level of treatment and patient safety. Accreditation is voluntarily, and while not yet widely required by insurance companies, some are beginning to include accreditation as part of their criteria in paying for hyperbaric treatment.

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