Frequently Asked Questions

What does a travel appointment involve?

The travel appointment includes an educational session with the provider to discuss your travel destinations, itinerary and individual needs. Travel hazards and risks of infectious diseases are explored in detail and recommendations for protective vaccines and medications are presented. The result is a highly individualized travel prescription to promote your safety and optimize your travel experience.

How much does a travel appointment cost?

The fee for an educational session is $125 for one person, traveling to one destination and $75 for each additional person in the same appointment. For more complex travel situations, such as traveling to more than one country, or staying for over three weeks the cost for an educational session increases to $150.

Will insurance cover the cost of the appointment?

Patients are responsible for payment of the educational session, which is due at the time of booking. We are happy to submit bills for vaccines to your insurance company. If payment from your insurance provider is not received within 30 days, the balance is your responsibility. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you do not have insurance, payment for vaccines is due at the time of service.  Estimated prices are available by request.

How do I prepare for a travel appointment?

Prior to your appointment complete the travel itinerary and health history form and return via fax, patient portal or a phone appointment will be scheduled to obtain the information in advance of your consult. Required information is due at least five days before your appointment for the provider to review. If not received, your appointment will be canceled.

The day of your appointment please bring your ID, health insurance card and proof of vaccinations.

Call your primary physician prior to the appointment to request an insurance referral to your educational appointment, if your insurance requires a referral.

Do I need to visit the travel clinic if I am planning a trip to a resort location in Mexico or the Caribbean?

Yes. Certain vaccinations are strongly recommended for travel to Mexico and the Caribbean. In addition, there is risk of malaria in some (but not all) resort destinations.

If I have previously been overseas and never came back with an illness, do I still need to visit the travel clinic prior to my upcoming trip?

Yes. Prior experience is no guarantee of future results.

Do young children and elderly travelers require any special prevention measures?

Our travel educational sessions are individualized to meet each person’s particular needs. Both young and old travelers have particular, special needs, which we are experienced in managing.

Do you provide COVID-19 testing prior to departure?

Our clinic does not provide testing, but we will advise on locations, including Concord Hospital where you can obtain testing.

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