Travel Consults Temporarily Suspended

Effective March 14, 2022
We're not providing travel consults until further notice.

Travel Medicine

You will likely be exposed to health risks whether you are traveling alone, as part of a group for business, pleasure, education, or as part of a missionary group. As many as 60 percent of all travelers experience some illness while traveling. Our experts at the International Travel Clinic are trained in the field of travel medicine and stay current with any changes in the world that may ultimately impact travel. This expertise can assist you with your travel preparations and make recommendations to keep you safe and healthy.


  • An education session providing expert review of travel itinerary, medical history, immunization records and current medications.
  • Prescription and administration of all needed immunizations and medications, which may include vaccines for hepatitis, Japanese encephalitis, and others.
  • Advice and prescriptions to prevent infectious diseases and avoid common risks encountered during international travel. Recommendations for the appropriate prevention strategies are tailored to each individual patient based on his/her medical history, planned trip and activities, and other pertinent concerns.
  • Advice for travelers with specific medical needs including chronic diseases, pregnant travelers or those who are currently taking medications that may affect potential risks associated with travel.
  • Resources for COVID-19 prevention and treatment.
  • Prevention plans and treatment guidelines for common traveler health issues including jet lag, insect bites or stings, animal bites and motion sickness.
  • Advice for travelers returning from a trip who have any health concerns.

Expert Travel Medicine Care Close to Home

As a member of Concord Hospital Medical Group, we have access to leading-edge technology, numerous resources, and advanced educational training ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard of medical care.