Industrial Rehabilitation

Returning to work following an injury can be difficult. Industrial rehabilitation services, or return-to-work services, consists of therapy designed to make your transition back to work as smooth and safe as possible.

If you're recovering from Worker's Compensation related injuries, living with recurrent injuries or seeking injury prevention education, you may benefit from return-to-work services available through Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services.

What You Can Expect from Evaluation & Treatment

Early intervention and a timely return to work is the focus of our treatment approach. In addition to communicating with you, your physical therapist communicates your treatment plan with your medical provider, employer, and a case manager — ensuring questions are answered as they arise.

We work closely with Concord Hospital Occupational Health Services to coordinate all aspects of your care and to ensure timely communication and follow up.

Comprehensive Industrial Rehabilitation Services

  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy post-injury evaluation and treatment
  • Development of Temporary Alternative Duty (TAD)
  • Job task analysis
  • Ergonomic worksite assessment
  • Job site evaluation
  • Post-hire functional lifting assessment
  • Injury prevention education
  • Fit for duty assessment

Bringing Injury Prevention to Area Employers

If you're a local business owner or employer, you can help your employees avoid workplace injuries with injury prevention education. Our comprehensive injury prevention programs are conducted, by a physical therapist, on-site at your business. Injury prevention education is an effective way to keep your workforce productive and healthy.

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