Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy — also called water therapy, pool therapy, aqua therapy, and water exercise — uses water for resistance. Aquatic therapy is beneficial because exercise in the water allows early weight-bearing, reduces swelling and pain, and assists and strengthens movement. Also, the resistance provided in a high-level aquatic workout allows for excellent strengthening exercises and cross training for all types of injuries.

Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services offers on-site aquatic therapy at its Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation location. Therapy takes place in a therapy pool that's heated to a comfortable 90 degrees. The pool features turbojets, entry stairs, a seat lift, flotation assistive devices, and shallow and deep water. A locker room and shower facilities are located adjacent to the pool for your convenience.

Patient Feedback

"I had land and pool therapy. I have since joined the pool class for people who have had cancer. I now have a bad hip and knee and the pool helps. The instructors are excellent!"

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