Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Preparing for Joint Replacement

Helping you prepare for your joint replacement surgery is the focus of our Get Ready class. The class, led by an orthopaedic nurse, addresses what to expect before, during, and after your joint surgery. 

Get Ready Class Topics

  • Preparing for surgery
  • Expectations for the day of surgery and recovery
  • Postoperative recovery expectations
  • Recovery plan
  • Pain management options
  • Home preparation and equipment needs
  • Possible rehabilitation therapy services
  • Potential home health services and alternative levels of care that may be available following Hospital discharge

Pre-surgical Testing & Education

Our specialized medical testing and planning helps to limit complications, particularly infection and helps you gain a better understanding of what you can expect before, during and after your surgery. Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes our surgeons and anesthesia staff, as well as your primary care provider. The program ensures your care team is well-informed about your specific needs.

Hospitality Services

If you've traveled a distance to have surgery with us, or if you are not familiar with Concord and its surrounding communities, “We’re Expecting You” is a program just for you. Offered through our friendly and knowledgeable Hospitality Services Associates, it assists you and your family members with lodging, transportation, business services, and personal services before, during and after surgery. Call (603) 230-1946 for more information.

Upcoming Classes & Events

  • Ongoing
    A class offered through The Orthopaedic Institute that focuses on what to expect before, during, and after orthopaedic surgery.