Reverse Shoulder Replacement Reversed Pain Immobility

Lynne's Story

Lynne Hoyt wears a big smile as she raises her arms above her head like a football referee signaling a touchdown.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient Lynn Hoyt

Lynne Hoyt

The motion is not a big deal for most people, but not that long ago, Lynne couldn’t raise her right arm to do simple housecleaning or curl her hair. A badly damaged rotator cuff also left her in so much pain that she was on painkillers and receiving cortisone injections every three months.

“There was no strength in my arm and it hurt so much,” Lynne said. “I couldn’t lay on that shoulder and would wake up in pain if I turned. And, I couldn’t pick up my grandkids!”

Lynne, of New London, had put off surgery due to family matters until the rotator cuff was so compromised that she tore it again several months later, leaving it beyond repair.

That’s when she was referred to Dr. Karen Boselli of Concord Orthopaedics, PA (COPA).

In February 2015, Dr. Boselli performed a reverse shoulder replacement designed to relieve Lynne’s pain and return her shoulder function.

The pain ended almost immediately and Lynne’s mobility returned within weeks. Except for not being able to reach behind her back, she has no limitations and no pain.

“This wasn’t a repair. This was a rescue,” said Lynne, as she waved her arms side-to-side, up and down and in circles — then into the ref’s signal: “Hurray.”

“If you are putting up with pain and the inability to live a full life, don’t be afraid of a reverse shoulder replacement. It literally changed everything.”

~ Lynne Hoyt, reverse shoulder replacement patient.

She marvels at being able to reach things in the cabinets, take care of her home and go out boating and dancing. And, at age 72, Lynne and her husband, Bill, look forward to presiding over ‘Gram Camp’ at their home when their seven grandchildren visit.

Lynne said her mother and grandmother lived until their late 90s and her grandmother’s sisters past 100. “I have 30 more years to go. I need my arm.”

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