Patient Stories

Be inspired by the stories of the patients and families of The Orthopaedic Institute.

Being in Expert Hands Matters

When Barbara Ruedig of Concord had an accident in the autumn of 2021, she learned first-hand about the value of the long-term collaboration between the Hospital and Concord Orthopaedics, PA.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient Lynne Hoyt

Not that long ago, Lynne Hoyt couldn’t raise her right arm to do simple housecleaning or curl her hair. Today she wears a big smile as she raises her arms above her head like a football referee signaling a touchdown.

Connor McNamara

Choose Your Care with Confidence. Connor Did.

Connor McNamara and his parents were confident choosing Concord Hospital for Connor’s orthopaedic surgery because of the outstanding reputation of his Concord Orthopaedics' physician. Before surgery, Connor spent a lot of time on crutches because of repeated foot sprains. Today, he is able to run, row, ski and more without fearing injury.

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