Mom Thanks The Family Place Team for Saving Her and Her Newborn

Jill's Story

Jill Smith, a medical professional, was recently on the receiving end of care as a patient on the Family Place. She saw first-hand that the doctors and nurses were compassionate, calm and highly skilled in emergency care, as they overcame serious complications when Jill was delivering her baby, Anna, in February 2019.

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Jill was induced earlier than her anticipated March due date for medical indications. The nursing staff showed kindness and intricate skill to help Jill and her family remain at ease throughout her labor. Jill describes her nurse as ‘soothing’ and stated “she was the best nurse I’ve ever had, she was like family”.

As labor progressed and staff transitioned from day to night, Jill continued to speak highly of the kindness and compassion she and her family were shown during such an emotional time. Baby Anna’s delivery came with a few complications, but the team’s quick thinking and critical training skills allowed for a safe delivery of baby Anna. Once delivered Anna needed quick intervention but was brought skin-to-skin with Jill within the first few minutes of life.

Jill’s recovery started off routinely until she experienced acute pain and was suddenly overcome with weakness. Because of her nurse’s keen assessment skills and prompt notification to the provider, an emergent CT scan was completed where it was determined that Jill’s uterus had ruptured in two places. Jill was rushed into surgery with the Family Place team. Again, she gushes about the calmness, the compassion and the skilled care she received from all of the staff during this high-stress time. 

Jill recovered nicely over the next few days and received significant support from the nursing team, the OB provider team, as well as ancillary services such as lactation support, post-partum education support, and other educational offerings. Jill went on to write a beautiful thank you note to the team on the Family Place, She wrote: “I am so grateful to your staff for helping me through two children over the last five years and for saving my life that night so that I can be a mother to my two beautiful little girls.”

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