Joy of Survival and Giving Back

Blood Drive at Epsom Central School

February 22, 2020, between 9 am and 2 pm at Epsom Central School, located at 282 Black Hall Road in Epsom, NH. Schedule an Appointment

Jill's Story

Jill McFarland is so overjoyed that the medical team at Concord Hospital’s The Family Place helped her and her newborn daughter overcome serious complications during childbirth that she is working overtime to help bring the joy of being with loved ones to others.

Jill and baby Anna are doing fine, thanks to highly skilled emergency care, including blood transfusions, in February 2019.

After writing a heartfelt ‘thank you’ letter to the Hospital, Jill looked for other ways to give back. She decided on a blood drive to help The Family Place and a fundraiser to support Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care’s Pelvic Medicine, Continence and Sexual Health Program, where she worked as a medical assistant.

“I thought of the blood drive because without blood donated by others, I wouldn’t be here with my little girls and I want to be able to do that for someone else,” she said while feeding little Anna a bottle. An older daughter, Alivia, is four.

“It’s bringing me joy to help others who will eventually need blood for some health reason or accident,” said Jill, of Pembroke.

Jill McFarland and her daughters

Jill McFarland and her daughters

Jill also wants to help the pelvic medicine program, where the healthcare team she worked with cares for patients facing a wide variety of conditions, including complex pelvic floor disorders, sexual dysfunction, some aftereffects of childbirth, painful menstrual problems and bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Jill was particularly impressed that the program includes physical therapists who help women recover from some after-effects of childbirth and a behavioral specialist who cares for women whose physical conditions may be linked to sexual abuse.

“I figured it would help more people and help that program grow because I know they are doing wonderful things,” Jill said. “And it would make me feel good if I could help them.”

Jill recognizes that not everyone can give blood, but said her blood drive and fundraiser also offer people the opportunity to volunteer or donate financially to help others.

For Jill, the extra commitment, while balancing work, home and two little girls, is important. “Without the blood drive, someone might not get the chance to be with their kids or their family members,” she said. “It’s more time than I need to put in, but it’s worth it because it will give someone else what I have.”