Patient Lori Davis with ED staff

Patient Lori Davis & Emergency Medicine Staff

Concord Hospital Emergency Department

Emergency Medicine

When you need emergency care for critical injuries or illnesses, count on Concord Hospital Emergency Department (ED) board-certified emergency medicine physicians, certified physician assistants, registered nurses, registered paramedics, and ED technicians to provide expert care. Our team treats more than 48,000 patients a year; an average of more than 131 patients a day — making our ED one of the busiest in the State.

Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Care

It's important to know the difference between the services available at our ED and those available at our Walk-in Urgent Care Center before an accident, incident or illness arises.

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As a state-designated Level II Trauma Center and an American College of Surgeons designated Level II Trauma Center, our ED provides prompt assessment, resuscitation, intensive care, stabilization of injured patients and emergency operations. Our trauma team can respond at a moment’s notice to treat critical injuries. A helipad is also available for emergency air transport.


  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Seizure or loss of consciousness
  • Chest pain or squeezing sensation in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Suspected overdose or poisoning
  • Sudden paralysis or slurred speech
  • Broken bones
  • Severe pain
  • Active labor

24/7 Stroke Response

If you or a loved one experiences a stroke, you can trust our stroke care specialists for rapid diagnosis and treatment. Our Stroke Program provides a comprehensive system for stroke patients admitted to the emergency department. The program provides a 24/7 stroke response from our board-certified neurologists and emergency medicine physicians who treat approximately 200 to 300 stroke patients each year.

Innovative Technology

The ED supports the use of innovative technology such as computers on wheels for bedside triage, an electronic tracking board to improve efficiency and timeliness of care, and on-site laboratory services along with point-of-care testing to help decrease wait times for healthcare providers and patients. Internal communication devices allow providers to seek assistance without leaving the bedside.

Emergency Cardiac Care

If you're experiencing a heart attack or other potentially dangerous cardiac diseases you need prompt recognition, treatment, and intervention to prevent any further damage. Concord Hospital Emergency Department works in collaboration with our Center for Cardiac Care to rapidly assess, recognize and treat any cardiac problem. As a regional resource, we work with LRGHealthcare and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide these services to residents of the Lakes Region as part of the Regional Early Activation Care Team (REACT). This program helps direct EMS to transport cardiac patients directly to Concord Hospital if they are experiencing signs of a heart attack. Restoring blood flow to blocked arteries is vital to successful outcomes and the REACT Program has proved to save time and lives.

Medi-vac helicopter on helipad

Trauma Program

As a regional resource, our Trauma Program treats approximately 3,000 patients a year, of which approximately 10-20 percent come from the Lakes Region and other hospitals from around New Hampshire. Approximately 2,000 trauma patients are treated in the emergency department and return home. The other 1,000 are admitted.

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Stroke Response in Partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital

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Board-certified Physicians, Certified Physician Assistants & Registered Nurses

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Patient Story

Trauma Team Saves Lives
Lori Davis' Story

Dr. Nicholas Larochelle

Choose Your Hospital With Confidence. Dr. Larochelle Did.

When Dr. Larochelle first visited our Hospital after completing his residency in Pittsburgh, PA, he knew he had found the right place to practice emergency medicine.

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