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Terry's Story

WATCHMAN patient Terry Thomason in gym

Terry Thomason

Terry Thomason of Meredith feels like he has the best of both worlds—excellent care with the latest technology at Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care, and the peace of mind of having the same experts in his own neighborhood.

“That has been precisely my experience, a combination of convenience and a high level of competence,” Terry said.

Terry, 86, a retired minister and investment manager, has atrial fibrillation, AFib, an abnormal heartbeat that increases his risk of having a stroke. His primary care physician referred him to Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates, a CHMG practice with offices in Concord and in Laconia, 15 minutes from Terry’s home.

At the Hospital, Dr. Adam Chodosh implanted a WATCHMAN™ device in Terry’s heart. The tiny wire and mesh device helps reduce stroke risk by blocking blood from entering the area of the heart where it can pool and cause clots in AFib patients.

At Cardiac Associates in Laconia, Terry sees Dr. Chodosh and Dr. Ayesha Nazeer for follow-up and routine cardiac care.

“That’s been one of the strong attributes of Concord Hospital cardiac care,” Terry said of the collaboration that brings cardiac experts to his area. “And it’s outstanding support for my decision to choose Concord Hospital.”

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